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Cerise Doiron

Cerise Doiron

Posted June 22, 2019 | 1 like 0 comments 1,899 views | God

Prayer for god

Dear God,
We pray for all those in our world suffering from racism, sexism and
religious discrimination.
For the individuals who are silenced for expressing their beliefs.
For the people who feel marginalized within society.
Please help them remain positive despite physical and psychological strife.
Help them to forgive those who persecute them or who fail to treat them
with respect.
Forgive us, Lord, if we consciously or
unconsciously share in the conditions
or in a system that perpetuates injustice.
Please enlighten all Your disciples that discrimination does not only come in
the form of lowering others but it demonstrates itself in the process of
granting of privileges
to select groups of people as well.
Guide lawmakers and those at the head of government make decisions that
grant all individuals equal status under the law.